MaxProfit Trader's Diary is a transaction journal for keeping trading statistics with a simple and intuitive user-friendly interface. MaxProfit - #1 Trader's Diary for successful traders!

MaxProfit transaction journal lets you keep trading statistics in full and analyze all trading operations performed in the Forex, Stocks, Futures, CFD and Crypto markets. MaxProfit helps identifying strong and weak points in your trading.

  • Trader's Diary
  • Trader's electronic diary
  • Trader's Diary software
  • Trading statistics
  • Trading operations analysis
  • The yield curve
  • The capital curve
  • Profit-loss report
  • The trade log
  • Trader's Journal
  • Trader's Journal in MS Excel
  • Lot calculation
  • Trader's calculator
  • Stock exchange news
  • Transaction log software
  • Trader's Forum

  Transactions Journal. You can:

  • Load data along with screenshots in real time from MT4 and NinjaTrader in one click
  • Load history data from MS Excel, NinjaTrader, MT4 and MT5 in two clicks
  • Enter an unlimited number of transactions, made on any trading system and on any timeframes, into the Transaction Journal
  • Add screenshots, audio and video files to each transaction
  • Add an unlimited number of additional characteristics to each transaction and build reports on them
  • Add a comment and orders to each transaction
  • Put marks for indicating the opening and closing of the position
  • Calculate the result of the transaction automatically
  • Find the necessary transaction(-s) in the Transaction Journal with a single click
  • Group and sort transactions by any column in the Transaction Journal
  • Use an unlimited number of databases for your records
  • Easily configure the program to work on different computers with a single database

  Trading statistics. You can:

  • See values of 62 characteristics, such as Profit Factor, Recovery Factor, Expected Payoff, MIDD and so on.
  • Build 16 linear graphs and more than 65 diagrams (depends on the number of parameters used)
  • Find out which tools, trading systems, working hours, etc. bring you the greatest profit or loss
  • Build charts and diagrams for transactions, days, weeks, months and years
  • Determine the loss caused by your mistakes

  Also you can:

  • Use the trader's calculator to calculate the lot before entering the market
  • Write down all your thoughts in your personal diary. Trader's diary is very convenient and easy to use
  • Automatically load information about upcoming economic events and set reminders for them

  Latest news:

  February 16, 2018

New release MaxProfit

  February 15, 2018

New release MaxProfit

  February 12, 2018

New release MaxProfit

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Analysis of your own work with MaxProfit Transaction Journal gives you opportunity to avoid past mistakes and trade more successfully. We are sure that the MaxProfit software will come in handy both for beginners as well as experienced traders and will become an irreplaceable helper in trading on the stock exchange.