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  February 08, 2018   Vladimir Sukhanov

«Very glad that the program develops. All the changes I was very pleased with. I wish you success. I advise to pay attention on import data from the terminal CTrader. It is becoming increasingly popular.»


  October 12, 2017   Alexey

«Good day! Long enjoyed your development of Maxprofit. This is a very convenient and powerful tool for the collection of statistics and the analysis of its Commerce, which the logging trade has become a pleasure.»


  September 05, 2017   Mikhail

«Hurray! THANK! In my opinion, half of the country mad I almost gone mad when the updates did not)»


  June 24, 2017   MACD

«Several years of using the program and still haven't written a review. Even a little bit ashamed in front of developers. No cons, because they are small and not visible without glasses. The main advantage is flexibility under its trade (in comparison with some other likes MaxProfit). First one was uncomfortable, then the other seemed unnecessary, etc. etc. But then stopped to wrinkle well...PU and began to take from the program only what you need yourself. It was very convenient. Next: disciplinarum allows to analyze a deal in history (and his understanding of the market and the prospects too, which is sometimes fun), the dynamics of trade as a result of changes in tactics and discipline. The program is good enough not to look for an alternative. Thank You.»


  April 13, 2017   diman

«Thank You for the great work! MaxProfit is a really cool station for a trader! In the program everything is going well and without problems. This is the best software for trader I've ever met. I advise EVERYONE, both novice and experienced traders to purchase this software. Special thanks to support. Quickly work guys! »


  January 31, 2017   Unter

«Thank You! Out of the competition in functionality and convenience! Not cheap, but cheaper than analogues... And as fulfills each nested in it rouble. I wish you success and the Developers of the Program - that they would continue to be the best in their field! »


  November 20, 2016   AndruxaLW

«Thanks for a wonderful program. In terms of functionality and ease of no equal. Special thanks for support :)) don't know why would anyone want to spoil the ranking of the website - everything is fair. Buy - program is worth the money.»


  September 09, 2016   Sohorov Nicholas

«Good day! Use MaxProfit quite a long time and still can't get enough of. Prior to that, led the statistics in several different programs simultaneously (Excel spreadsheets and OneNote for screenshots). Due to the fact that needs in depth analysis of is constantly expanding, often changed and altered all the stats that took a lot of effort. In the end, I came to the conclusion that I need a complete solution and began to search in the Internet and abroad. To search and analyze the sentences I put a lot of effort, as I knew that this program not for one year. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the best program in the industry - domestic development. The program MaxProfit fully satisfy even my most daring requests. And what's particularly pleased that the program is constantly evolving and expanding. Only regret not found it earlier and spent tones of time on independent development in Excel. Gentlemen creators, thank you very much! Keep it up!»


  June 29, 2016   f1eks

«Thank You very much. Program is simply super. Of course you can do without it. You can do everything in Excel. But when you work with it, the whole process of trading becomes easier and much more convenient!»


  April 18, 2016   Yogan32

«There is nothing better for keeping a diary of the trader, including transactions and analysis of their work I have not seen. Long sought, has chosen the MaxProfit and very happy! Thank you to the creators of the program and to all who are working on improving it. »


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