Reviews about MaxProfit

  March 09, 2010   Roger

«I have been working on the exchange and such a convenient assistant is not met. The program is very disciplinary and forces to behave in hands and not to make mistakes. Great thanks for Your work. Successes'!»


  December 27, 2009   Alexander

«Join the thanks, full support! The guys are just great! Finally, I hope, will be a single the journal of a trader, which is so necessary when trading. Successes'!»


  October 16, 2009   ROMAN

«Thank the creators for such a useful and convenient to use. Thank You!»


  August 05, 2009   Semyon Altov

«I had no idea how much it could improve my trade after analysis of your work. The journal of a trader MaxProfit is the ideal tool for recording and analysis. Now I'm starting to understand why brokers are not offering their customers a similar program. They don't want what we started to earn. If you want to earn and not just to play, then the analysis of their work just need. Thanks for the program and success!»


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