Reviews about MaxProfit

  February 06, 2016   Alexey Marchenko

«Many thanks to the creators MaxProfit!!! This is the perfect program to analyze your own trade. Very comfortable, easy to use, just thought out to the smallest detail. In the two years of its operation it really helped me to develop as transactions. I really liked the responsiveness and help of the administration on any issues. I'm sure who uses or will use MaxProfit will be satisfied because of the best program, in my opinion, just no. THANK YOU VERY MUCH»


  November 26, 2015   Markov K.

«Hello! Bought your program a long time ago, but never used, was too lazy to score all there )) But the fact that you allowed us to download transaction from the trading platform, so that changes everything. This is a very good innovation. I really can now use the program not hammering back a bunch of information. In gratitude I will tell you about your software product to all my friends traders. Thank You. I wish you a fruitful further development of the program.»


  September 15, 2015   V. Shestakov

«Thank you very much for the updates affects the speed at which you are updating the program. You are just great. Your program has a great future. Your program become better and better. With respect and gratitude.»


  July 05, 2015   blackhawk

«I can only say one thing - the program is worth the money, but also time and money that it saves. Thank you very much!»


  April 24, 2015   Sergey

«Very necessary, proper and planned educational program for traders. I want developers to wish creative successes for the further development of the program and new products for traders and it would be good if the opening of this program it would be possible to set a password. Sincerely Sergei.»


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