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  February 16, 2014   Anatoly Kim

«Your program is just super. All the others rest :)»


  December 06, 2013   Zirat



  September 25, 2013   paris

«I accidentally went to the site, because I really want to try myself in this sphere. Judging by the reviews - program is necessary and useful. I made a deal 21, of which only 4 successful. But I do not despair. Will continue. I would like to hear an opinion - I still buy the program, maybe we should just work or do I dobici success faster? And how generally correctly to trader's journal?»


  July 15, 2013   Forex man

«Several years have been using Max Profit. I do not regret that bought the license. Continue to delight with new ideas. With You easier and more enjoyable to trade. Thanks and good luck.»


  May 04, 2013   Oleg Timashev

«Thank you for creating a really quality and convenient product, which is the name of MaxProfit. It successfully combines the functionality and ease of use. Of course, you have to do a lot more on the way to the creation of the Diary No. 1. And I really believe that the same approach to the development and promotion of the program MaxProfit can and should become the standard Diary traders. Good luck to you!»


  February 21, 2013   ant97

«Keep all of the above. Modify, please, Calculator of trader. THANK!»


  December 11, 2012   Oksana Lagutina

«Your Maksprofit just super! I must say, more enjoyable diary just haven't seen. All very nice and beautiful, and most importantly helps in the trade. I began to look differently at their trade. Now I understand why I lost and what I was missing for a successful trade. Genuinely happy when I see how Russian programmers, once again making a wonderful product!»


  September 30, 2012   Sergey Tkachev

«I was very surprised my statistics trading. I used to think that I know all the weaknesses and / or trading systems on which I work. Was even increase by a few percent quarterly return. Thank you and new ideas. PS I Left on the forum some suggestions.»


  July 20, 2012   MarVik

«Thank you very much for a very useful program. If You are logged in and saw that the program paid decided to get out of here, take your time! Try install the trial version, You will understand that is what You need.»


  May 09, 2012   Paukas

«Accidentally came across the Internet Your program and just admired, well made software! To compare especially there is nothing, but MaxProfit was the most convenient and simple. My compliments for the good work! Many foreign journals have simply a rest in comparison with the MaxProfit.»


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