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  February 27, 2012   AKBITOR

«In addition to these positive qualities,developers are not forgotten and Estetica product.Ie we don't only convenient and will simply work but nice!»


  December 17, 2011   Maximus

«Good day! Prisoedenysi to all the above, thank you! Almost a year I kept records in Excel, made 215 transactions. Then for a few minutes, downloaded all the transactions in Maksprofit. A lot of new and interesting things to learn about his trade. If I did not make mistakes, and another thing to take into account, it would have been a millionaire. :) Thank you again, waiting for new updates! Successes'!»


  October 06, 2011   Sergei Lesin

«And for me there is nothing better than Excel. And whether it is necessary generally to obtain such a detailed analysis of their commercial transactions?:)»


  July 26, 2011   Sashik_Ad

«Yeah the program is what you need! Thank You. But if I want to use the program on multiple computers, for example, at work, home and Buka. I have 3 license to buy one? But if 3, then would there be any discount? I understand you database upload / download from one computer to another, right? Ie worked on the job, made a backup copy on a flash drive, came home and loaded already at home, right? Thank You.»


  May 15, 2011   Andrey Kukachev

«MaxProfit is the best program of its kind. Use program since version 1.1. I saw all the mistakes that prevented me to earn. Thank you so much for clear and high-quality software!»


  March 04, 2011   mr. Sanya Pchr

«The program is very easy and simple to learn with all necessary functions. Thanks to the creators!»


  December 22, 2010   Valentine

«The journal of a trader MaxProft is not so simple (as for capabilities) but still simple (as for usage) diary of a trader. In addition to the required minimum, the program has a modern interface. I learned a lot about his trade. Thanks guys.»


  October 11, 2010   Evdokimov Ivan

«Any diary of a trader must decide two main tasks: firstly, allow you consider the perfect deal quickly and easily, spending a minimum of time. Second, quality analysis of work. I'm not talking about such things as the calculation of the lot, etc. To solve these problems and designed MaxProfit, with which you can easily create a transaction and analyze the trade. Thank you, developers!»


  July 31, 2010   Denis Ivanov

«Hello, fellow programmers. Thank You for such a useful program. I was looking for such, but what came across is complete nonsense compared to yours. :) Got a request. Add the ability to print documents and reports. I just got used (and probably not only me) on the weekends to analyze their work in the country. And there is no computer... I will be very grateful.»


  May 20, 2010   Samuel

«Great app :) So I rummaged through software and just wondering when attacked MaxProfit. What are the various graphs and charts. And pop-up screens right on the curve of capital. Thank you heartily for the great intuitive program!»


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