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  February 11, 2015   Michael Basharov

«Read before installing it, I thought that STE themselves as creators as self-promotion wrote laudatory letters. But still downloaded and installed... Although little hope to see something new was not. Now I want to say a HUGE THANK you!!! For what you did. A few days, and sometimes weeks spent on something that would deal with some analogues of Your program. Without results. And I have not received from them that got from MaxProfit. For 10 minutes all figured out. Thanks for the good videos and great assistant.»


  December 01, 2014   Happy

«MaxProfit is the shit! When I'm done losing and I decided to start analyzing your trade, I decided to find a special program for this, simple and convenient. And we found it! Wandering the Internet, I came across a site where I found this program. Comments it is very praised. I decided to download it. And say, more convenient programs for accounting and analysis I've ever seen! It was hard to rebuild their trade. I began to do fewer transactions, but they became better. And slowly started making. I began to cope with their impulses to open without a system and run into shit. Thank you very much! This program, so to speak, saved me from madness.»


  September 20, 2014   Phil

«Thank you very much for the program. Very comfortable, easy to understand, beautiful interface. My personal opinion is that the online market is not unique. I really like it. I think it will still be able to appreciate many traders. I wish You creative success. PS. Please print transactions and reports.»


  July 10, 2014   Oksana Fedorova

«MaxProfit is really gorgeous. All made for a pleasant experience. Pleased with the correctness of work. I learned a lot about his trade. I became more disciplined and understand where I lose and where earn. Many thanks to the staff programmers."»


  April 29, 2014   Ivan Timokhin

«Thanks for a wonderful program MaxProfit! I've tried several similar programs, including foreign, in my view equivalent counterparts there. The program is just wonderful and out of the competition! Attracted by the simplicity of working with her. All I wanted to know about the trade I learned. Just want to thank you for your prompt technical support and regular new version implementing all user suggestions.»


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